About us

Retia Latina SAS is a consulting firm specialized in business development and commercial diplomacy between Europe and Latin America/Caribbean.

Created in 2016 by Julien Ayme and Stéphane Witkowski, it relies on a dense network in both areas, results of an important experience in the field.

From latin retia meaning “network” in English, our name RETIA LATINA shows our business model, based on cooperation and network driven work between our team, chambers of commerce, government agencies, embassies and other economic agents, both private and public.

Retia Latina SAS give private and public economic operators consulting studies, the identification of potential perspectives and the development of support to firms, development of partners or international development such as business travel or individual teams to Latin America and Caribs.

We rely on our leader’s expertise, as well as our consultants on those markets to ensure a quality service adapted to our customer’s needs.


Promote exchanges between Europe and Latin America through networking, while helping to understand those countries’ specificities and therefore ensuring your business success in those markets.


Become the leader in consulting firms and business development, in the Latin American market for European firms and Latin American firms in Europe, by proposing a proactive cooperation between public and private actors to strengthen ties between both areas.