Travel, learn and train

« Au cœur de Cuba » is a student travel program for student who intend to know Cuba outside of its classical touristic tours. Created by the consulting firm RETIA LATIA, agencies SOL LATINO (in France) and PARADISO (in Cuba), it answers a growing demand from students, willing to discover the world in a different perspective and meet the Cuban touristic offer diversification goal.

It is a a focused and original approach of the country, beyond actual tours. Students will discover a people, its history in remarkable places. The program’s singularity resides in the exchange with Cubans about their daily life (students, teachers, farmers etc..). Those exchanges are also facilitated by occasional housing in Cuban families. Students will also benefit from a professional training and will receive a certificate from the Havana’s college.

Thanks to its progressive international opening, Cuba offers a particular universe. This former Spanish colony, who became the symbol of 1959’s revolution bears in every street, its history. Santiago, La Havana   and Trinidad are considered as colonial architecture jewels. During an educational travel, including numerous meeting with architecture and urbanism professors, students will fulfill their need for discovery and their professional goals.