Overall Approach

Latin America and the Caribbean offer many opportunities for companies of all sizes. RETIA LATINA’s vocation is to offer customized assistance, particularly to SMEs and ETI in the countries of this region.

In order to offer a high level service, our network-based operation system allows us to combine the proximity to our customers with the expertise in targeted markets.

In Paris, we ensure the relationship with our customers and the overall coordination of our activities, as well as institutional and academic relations, and generally the required follow-up in order to constantly update our knowledge of Latin American countries. We also develop and maintain links with most important French professional Confederation and the commercial services of diplomatic representations of Latin American countries. A full time consultant coordinates the monitoring of our clients’ files.

High level of service

Network based operations

Expertise in targeted markets

In the major Latin American countries, we have built a solid network that allows us to have, via proven partners, a strong local presence. Anchored in the daily economic life of their countries, these partners help us to refine our understanding of these markets and to identify and engage prospects and useful contacts for our customers.

Since the end of 2017, our Paraguayan office allow us to be operationnaly able, from Asuncion, on the “Southern Cone” of Latin America.

In Cuba, where logistical and administrative challenges can be complex, a franco-cuban travel agency helps us ensure a perfect organisation for our client’s business trips.

Our services

Market studies

Our team help you to understand and implement Latin American’s market functionning in your strategy. Markets which have strong difference between them.

Detect and seize business opportunities

Thanks to our network and public and private market experience, we are able to identify development opportunities for your company.

Partner and contractor identification

For you to count on the right and trustworthy partners and contractor, we help you identify and evaluate your future network in the country of your choosing.

Making efficient business trips

An efficient business trip have to be thoroughly planned. Our team handles logistics and event plannung during your stay, for you to be focused on your core competencies.