Since 2017, RETIA LATINA and MEDEF International are implementing a PADE in Paraguay. The PADE (Economic Diversification Support Project) aim at promoting interfirm partnerships, to create new investment opportunities, develop priority diversification sectors, by promoting technological and know-how sharing and employment support.

We rely on the “support to the economic diversification” methodology that we developed and implement for MEDEF International, financed by the World Bank, with good results in Congo.

We will adapt this general methodology to Paraguayan specific needs to “go up” in the value chains, through partnerships between Paraguayan and French firms (SMEs mostly); attract foreign investment, especially in a public-private partnership framework.

In Paris, as well as in Asuncion, we worked an awareness and communication strategy, aiming at institutional actors, French and Paraguayans. We can count on the support of both French Embassy in Paraguay and Paraguayan Embassy in France.

Adding to the mobilization of public actors, we have been the linchpin of the cooperation between MEDEF International and the Paraguayan Industrial Union (UIP), the biggest business confederation in Paraguay.

After evaluating financing options by on-site funders, we began a series of interviews with economical and industrial actors in Paraguay. Their opinions and recommendations will help us to adapt the project to Paraguayan specificities in economic diversification.